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We felt the frustration

Phoenix Alliance was born with two goals, to help business owners get the support they need without endless frustration, and to help people who do not thrive in traditional work environments, stay employed. 

We worked through many iterations of what that service might look like. As we spoke to more and more entrepreneurs, one message became clear. The biggest block to using a business management service was the endless time it took to train them, and then as soon as they were trained, they often disappeared. 

We realized that people who needed a business management service, rarely had time to train the service, and our concierge business management service was born. 

Our managed service recognizes that the people with the best skills to do the job, are not always the best person to define a project or manage communication. Our project managers take on that role, becoming a single point of contact who knows your business inside and out. Our project managers bring as many or as few of our business managers as needed to complete the job to your highest satisfaction.

Phoenix Alliance was started by Sarah Carling & Penny Phoenix. Sarah is a world-recognized SEO specialist who has worked with brands of every size. Sarah also ran her own digital marketing agency for 8 years before selling it in 2019.

Penny is a coach and social media marketing expert who has filled countless courses and helped her clients keep their calendars booked solid. Penny has also worked with many business managers and found that they often disliked the more sales and client-focused elements of the job. It was during this time that Penny felt re-born into a new life, and she became Penny Phoenix.

Sarah and Penny met many years ago on a Facebook group.  When Penny left her abusive ex-husband, Sarah was one of the stops Penny took on her way to her new life. They formed the kind of friendship that can go years without speaking but never doubting that the other would be there when they needed them.

And that’s exactly what happened. Independently, they both had ideas to help people who were struggling to find well-paid work. From stay-at-home spouses getting a divorce to people with neurodivergence who need additional support, Phoenix Alliance was created to give everyone the opportunity to learn a well-paid skill.

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