Inclusivity & Diversity

Our Mission

Helping people who struggle in traditional work environments to succeed

What does that mean?

There are many reasons an individual may struggle with traditional work expectations. Whether that’s because of gender, race, queer status, disability, neurodivergence, country of origin, age, or anything else that has left someone struggling with traditional employment. At Phoenix Alliance the only thing that matters to us is the ability to do the task at hand.

We’ve been there

Between us, the founders of Phoenix Alliance are

  • Queer
  • Neurodivergent
  • Disabled
  • Immigrant
  • Domestic violence survivors

Zero tolerance

We will not tolerate any discrimination for any reason from clients or business managers. We have an escalation process that means any such accusation is immediately escalated to the founders. While we aim to give a fair and balanced judgment, we do weigh victims’ statements more highly. The comfort of our VAs it more important to us than any individual client.

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